Dr. Yosuf Mosuro, a certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, is a leading expert in pain relief living in Houston Texas.
Dr. Yosuf Mosuro offers the latest procedures for patients with bulging, herniated and slipped spinal discs.

All it takes is one accident to end up with a lifetime of back pain. Slipped and herniated discs can happen on the job, during exercise and a host of other situations. But there are alternatives to living with chronic pain and the solution starts with a visit to the Top Pain Management Doctor in Houston, Dr. Yosuf Mosuro.
At the office of Dr. Yosuf Mosuro, patients receive the latest medical procedures deal with the root cause of pain rather than the symptoms. While other pain management doctors would instead prescribe habit-forming medications like oxycodone and hydrocodone, Dr. Yosuf Mosuro uses a variety of minimally invasive procedures covered by most major insurers to help patients live long pain-free lives.

For patients with slipped discs, no matter young or old, the Top Pain Management Doctor in Houston Dr. Yosuf Mosuro offers Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty.

This innovative procedure uses a tiny coiled wire to heat up and help the slipped disc to seal up any tears as well as resolve any current or future pain that might be caused by the slip or tear. For compressed discs, Dr. Yosuf Mosuro uses the latest technology known as Coblation Nuceloplasty, which utilizes a wand inserted into the disc that disperses radiofrequency energy to excite electrolytes and decompress the spinal disc.

One patient, treated for a bulging disc, had this to say about the services of Dr. Yosuf Mosuro:
“On May 2016, while visiting my son and family in Dallas, I woke up with excruciating pain in my back, hips, and legs. It felt like I had butcher knives sticking into me. In early September, a friend of mine from church recommended that I see Dr. Yosuf Mosuro. I had an X-ray and MRI, which revealed a bulging disc in my L4, L5, and S1.

I received three injections, and my back is tremendously better.”

Top Pain Management Doctor in Houston Dr. Yosuf Mosuro is certified in anesthesiology and pain management and offers affordable procedures covered by major insurance companies with reduced recovery times. For more information, contact Dr. Yosuf Mosuro.