Dr. Yusuf Mosuro believes that certain behaviors practiced on a regular basis can either work for or against people through time. Habits such as continuous slouching, lifting objects with the back instead of the legs, and not enough exercise have the potential to cause chronic pain later in life. This is certainly not something that anybody wants to live with forever. Although many treatments exist to repair these issues, there are plenty of ways to prevent them from happening in the first place. Among these practices, physical activity such as yoga is an excellent way to strengthen the body and keep it healthier.

The benefits of yoga are evident through the series of stretches involved, explains Dr. Mosuro. Practitioners engage in motions and positions that the average person might think as impossible. However, these stretches are useful to keep the body flexible and reduce strain from repetitive behaviors such as sitting. Yoga also helps to maintain fitness.

One of the best aspects of this activities is that people of all ages can do it. From children to the elderly, yoga is an activity that does not set limits based on age. Instead of engaging in intense workouts that exhaust even the most physically fit, a calmer approach through yoga can be of considerable benefit. Patients who wish to try an alternative form of exercise can consider this ancient art as a regular activity.

Yoga is so popular around the world that it should be relatively easy to find a studio guided by an expert. Whether just starting out or have years of experience, yoga can make a world of difference in keeping patients stronger and healthier.