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Dr. Yusuf Mosuro is an expert in pain management specializing in a variety of treatments, including epidural steroid injections, discography, vertebroplasty, and trial spinal cord stimulator. He believes that it is important for the minds in this field to come together to promote learning and innovation in the field as often as possible.

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Consulting a pain management expert such as Dr Yusuf Mosuro to learn about new and innovative techniques and procedures that can put a stop to pain is the first step in leading a life with less or no pain.

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Pain experts such as Doctor Yusuf Mosuro make it their goal to always share with patients the best treatment options available so that every individual can find a treatment plan that works for them.

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Education and discovery in the field are both essential, and that is why Dr Mosuro makes the time to attend events and conferences that bring together the greatest minds in the fields of pain management and health care.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro Shares Top Causes of Back Pain

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro gives insight into what the top causes for back pain are today.  Back pain doesn’t seem to discriminate; it can affect people of all ages and backgrounds around the globe.  Knowing the main causes of back pain can help anyone seeking to learn more about this ailment.  This pain management physician addresses these causes to benefit anyone who might be at risk.

Top causes of back pain according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro include:

Osteoporosis.  This condition that causes bones to weaken can often trigger fractures.  Women are particularly susceptible to osteoporosis.  Vertebra compression fractures and discomfort are associated with this ailment.

Strains.  Muscular and ligamentous sprains are often the cause for back pain.  Muscular strains occur when a muscle is pulled through twisting or unanticipated force causing the muscle to tear.  Dr. Yusuf Mosuro adds that ligamentous sprains can be caused from exerting too much force.

Spondylolisthesis.  Degenerative changes cause this condition, which leads to an unstable spinal column allowing the vertebrae to slip.  This process can become quite painful if instability continues.

Sciatica.  This pain is caused from the sciatic nerve, which can lead to severe lower back pain.  Dr. Yusuf Mosuro advises that pain from sciatica is not to be ignored.

Osteoarthritis.  Typically the cause of spinal stenosis, this condition tends to affect anyone 50 years of age or older.  Joints may become enlarged, bony spurs may occur and cartilage may begin to degenerate- all of which may lead to back pain.

Herniated discs.  Also known as a ruptured disc, this condition is another leading cause of back pain, explains Dr. Yusuf Mosuro.  Lifting too heavy of an object, repeated motions and sports injuries can cause these problems in discs.

Fibromyalgia.  Chronic back pain is often caused by this rheumatic condition.  The resulting lingering pain can wear patients down over time and lead to other symptoms like fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Gaining all the information possible about a condition can be the first step towards getting the proper help.  Dr. Yusuf Mosuro is committed to sharing his knowledge with patients because he understands the value of education.  Learning more about an ailment like back pain can mean a correct diagnosis can be just around the corner.


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