Many people who suffer from chronic pain are afraid to do any exercise at all for fear that their condition will become worse. In fact, even very mild forms of exercise can go a long way toward helping the body release chemicals that ease the severity of pain, according to pain specialist Dr. Yusuf Mosuro.

Dr. Mosuro points to various studies that show mild exercise as a good way for even elderly people to get a handle on their pain issues. Of course, everyone should consult their own physician before undertaking any kind of exercise regimen; that warning even applies to younger people who are generally fit and healthy. Any change in lifestyle is a serious thing that needs to be discussed with a health care professional, Dr. Yusuf Mosuro advises.

After getting a go-ahead from their personal physicians, many pain sufferers make daily exercise a habit, and add a relaxing session of meditation or quiet sitting as another way to deal with pain. For many people, both young and old, regular meditation helps the body take a break from the pressures of the day and slow down. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro notes that many studies by reputable organizations have found that meditation can be an effective way to combat mild and chronic pain.

Other studies have shown that chronic pain sufferers can do themselves a favor by avoiding alcohol before bedtime, eating nutritious foods rather than junk foods, and quitting smoking. All three of those factors, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, appear in research results of major studies about pain. It is common for doctors to recommend better diets, less alcohol consumption, and no smoking for their patients who suffer from chronic pain.

Talking with others who are dealing with pain can be a good way to learn coping strategies, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro. He agrees with recent research which demonstrates that a social support group can help just about anyone deal more effectively with daily bouts of chronic pain. There is no need to go it alone, most research suggests; and people who have large support groups and regularly attend social functions stand a much better chance of winning the pain battle. Many doctors also recommend that their patients keep a daily journal about their pain issues.

Journaling has been shown to act as a kind of emotional release for many sufferers who feel isolated, helpless, and lost. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro knows a daily routine that includes meditation, journaling, proper exercise, the right amount of sleep, and a nutritious diet are all weapons in the battle against pain.

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