Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, a world-renowned expert in pain management, notes that a daily regimen of light stretching exercises can go a long way toward alleviating some kinds of pain. Just a few minutes of stretching in the morning, evening, or both, can have many beneficial effects in some cases.

For one thing, stretching typically elongates muscles and helps improve blood circulation. For those who suffer with chronic pain, better circulation is usually a positive goal. Good circulation means that the blood is doing its job. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro says that stretching can have the effect of preventing injury, bringing more blood to muscles and joints, and improving range of motion.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro cautions that anyone who suffers from chronic pain should speak with their doctor before embarking on a stretching program, even if only a mild set of exercises is involved. Pain sufferers should always consult with their physician before changing anything in their daily routine, even if it is something that will likely be beneficial to their health. Staying in touch with one’s doctor, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, is vitally important for anyone who deals with chronic pain.

Many people who have fibromyalgia follow a stretching regimen and have experienced some relief. In such cases, it is not uncommon to see a lessening of deep pain and muscle stiffness in fibromyalgia patients who stretch regularly. One of the best things about stretching, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, is that is costs nothing, is easy to do, and does not involve drugs or surgery. In many cases, stretching is a win-win situation for patients who have medical issues with pain. For more information please visit http://www.dryusufmosuro.com