There are many options available to those who suffer from chronic spinal pain, but not every option offers them the biggest advantages. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro reminds individuals that many typical options have risks that worry patients. Medications and painkillers, for example, can be habit forming and will often not offer the patient the relief that they need. Open surgery has a number of its own risks as the incision required for the surgery often causes muscle damage. It is for that reason that specialists like Dr. Yusuf Mosuro recommend minimally invasive surgeries to treat common spinal pain problems as an alternative. Two procedures that can be great options for those with certain conditions are Microlaminectomy and Microlamintomy procedures.

Microlaminectomy and Microlamintomy are variations on laminotomy and laminectomy procedures. These decompression techniques are used to treat spinal pain and prevent it from continuing to plague a patient. Laminotomy will remove part of the lamina, the bony layer that covers the spinal canal, and a laminectomy will remove it completely. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro shares that though these procedures can help relieve spinal pain, the problem with these surgeries is that they often lead to a long recovery time and lots of pain due to the fact that they require large incisions. These incisions can also damage muscle and tissue.

The Microlaminectomy and Microlamintomy procedures will do something similar to decompress the spine and stop pain, however, they will do it without the same risks because they are minimally invasive procedures. Special tools and techniques are used in this type of procedure, shares Dr. Mosuro, that allow these areas of the spine to be seen and accessed through much smaller openings and incisions. Tubes with endoscopic cameras may also be used to access the spine without the need for opening up the entire area. The tubes allow the surgeon to carefully open up the area to work in with special tools. A camera will allow him or her to see the spine through the tube in order to avoid opening up a large part of the back.

The advantage to choosing minimally invasive technique is that it does not require the risks of damage to the muscle and tissue that traditional surgery does. Additionally, recovery times are shorter and less painful so patients can get back to living life quickly. For those who need the Laminectomy or Laminotomy procedures, the Microlaminectomy and Microlamintomy surgeries can be a much safer and less painful alternative to accomplish similar results.  For more information on minimally invasive techniques that can end and relieve pain visit