Pain management expert Dr. Yusuf Mosuro shares information on some of the common injections used to treat back pain.

With new developments being made in the field of pain management every day, there are always options for those who are suffering from different kinds of pain, especially chronic pain. Doctor Yusuf Mosuro believes that each chronic pain patient needs to be able to find a way to treat their pain that works well for them and their lifestyle. Fortunately, with the availability of innovative techniques, it is now easier than ever for individuals who suffer from these kinds of pain to find treatments other than the traditional medication regimens. Some of the most common and effective new treatments include various types of injections to treat chronic pain. Today, Doctor Yusuf Mosuro would like to share some information on common types of injections that are used to treat back pain, and how they can give new hope to those whose lives are being hindered because of back pain.

One of the common types of injections used on those who suffer from back pain is the nerve block injection. When administered to a patient, nerve block injections will numb the nerves that surround the injection spot for several hours, and in turn, stop the pain being caused by these damaged nerves. Doctor Yusuf Mosuro reveals that these types of injections generally stop the pain quickly, but reminds patients that they will wear off after a short time. Because the pain blocking aspect of these injections does not last very long, they are not always used as a long-term treatment for back pain. Instead a series of these injections may be used to help a pain management doctor pinpoint exactly where the back pain is coming from as he or she observes where in the back the medication eases the pain the most.

Another common injection used to treat back pain is the epidural injection. The epidural injection treats back pain by dispensing medication around the spinal cord. This type of injection is effective for a longer period than a nerve block injection. In fact, some epidural injections can be effective for up to a year, offering real relief to those who suffer from intense of chronic back pain. Experiencing this treatment can also be beneficial to a patient who wants to explore how physical therapy may help them says Doctor Yusuf Mosuro. This is because an epidural injection can last long enough for the patient to be able to painlessly engage in physical therapy or similar treatments.

Injections are just one of the ways that individuals can treat their ongoing back pain. These innovative treatments and many others offer a variety of options for patients who are sick of living lives that are full of pain. When an individual who is suffering from chronic pain takes the first step and consults a pain management expert such as Doctor Yusuf Mosuro, they can start down a road that will help them finally stop their pain. To learn more please visit