Inflammation can intensify different types of pain and pain causing conditions, so Doctor Yusuf Mosuro shares information on some foods that can decrease inflammation.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro believes that everyone should be able to live a life free of pain. For many individuals this seems like it isn’t a possibility, especially for those who are living with chronic pain conditions.  However, for those who suffer from this kind of pain, there are actually many innovative ways that it can be treated. Consulting a pain management expert such as Dr. Yusuf Mosuro to learn about new and innovative techniques and procedures that can put a stop to pain is the first step in leading a life with less or no pain. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro shares that another way for chronic pain patients to be proactive in their treatment is to consider some lifestyle changes that can help combat some of the causes of this pain. Here, he shares how diet can help end inflammation and its impact on chronic pain.

Some chronic pain conditions can be caused or intensified by inflammation. For example, inflammation can be linked to conditions such as nerve pain and joint pain, and may aggravate these conditions and cause an individual additional pain. For those who suffer from these conditions, one thing that Dr. Yusuf Mosuro recommends to help reduce inflammation is small diet changes. First, there are many vegetables that can be incorporated into a diet to improve inflammation and prevent the associated pain. Avocados are a great option as the fats and nutrients that they contain can reduce inflammation and can also have additional health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Other vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale, watercress, cauliflower, cabbage, and bok choy, are considered cruciferous and can reduce inflammation by increasing detoxification in the liver.

Vegetables are not the only way to decrease inflammation. Those with a sweet tooth who want an easy way to help decrease inflammation will be glad to know that some chocolates can also help this condition. Dark chocolate specifically is a superfood with many health properties. When it is regularly consumed in proper increments it can help reduce inflammation. Both chocolate and the inflammation reducing vegetables can be easily incorporated into a patient’s diet, according to Dr. Mosuro, and can offer some much needed relief from inflammation induced pain.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro believes that it is important for every individual who suffers from chronic pain to be mindful of the best ways to treat their bodies and improve the causes of their pain. To learn more about Dr. Yusuf’s mission and how those who suffer from chronic pain can find long term solutions please visit